Photo Wallpaper Berlin TV TowerPhoto Wallpaper Berlin TV TowerPhoto Wallpaper Berlin TV TowerPhoto Wallpaper Berlin TV Tower

Photo Wallpaper Berlin TV Tower

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Fleece Standard

The Fleece Standard is a plain, smooth nonwoven wallpaper with a weight of 170 g/m². The surface is matt, and gluing is done using normal wallpaper paste.


The self-adhesive wallpaper has a smooth, satin finish.


The Premium is a slightly stronger wallpaper with a surface weight of 350 g/m². The surface is slightly embossed and has a simple, sand-grain-like structure. This makes the wallpaper appear more three-dimensional and gives your motif a touch of exclusivity. Gluing is done using normal wallpaper paste.

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Belcasi offers deco products of exceptional quality, at reasonable prices.
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We have been pleasing our customers since 2007.

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Nicht gross genug?
Bei finden Sie dieses Produkt in grösseren Formaten!
Nicht gross genug?
Bei finden Sie dieses Produkt in grösseren Formaten!
Keine Lust zu tapezieren?
Bei finden Sie dieses Motiv als vollflächige Wandbespannung aus Stoff!